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Originally Posted by basti313 View Post
Now the most difficult part: The rear backrest...
First remove the backseats. You just have to pull it up and it clips out.
Under the armrest there are two big T20 or T25 screws. You need a big tool or much armpower to remove them. But be carefull!!!

Then put in the backrest and clip it into the "emergency exit". Now put in the screws. But be careful! I destroyed one of the threads...the screws are very hard and the threads are very soft. But it also works with one screw in place
Sound like a fun dyi. I am very sure you are very happy with the bt. I noticed that you are in germany and you have a 320D. On my US 330i, the 2 screws you are talking about under the rear armrest are T-50 (not sure about europe model). Yes, they are big and the threads on them are very soft. I too destroyed one of my screw (right one on driver side). You just need to get another screw from dealer or just use 1 screw (thus reducing weight ). My car already came with bt already activated so i did not do this but sounds like an awesome dyi and wanted to share some photos for those photo freaks...

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