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Mods or a bike....

Hey guys,

Would you rather save/spend money on mods or would you rather get a bike?

I'm really close to dropping around 2k on a intake and exhaust. But I've been thinking for a bike for sometime now. Debating between the two and I'm stuck, so wondering what other bike owners/modders would say. Looking at a Ninja 500, it'll be my first bike. Want to buy something new under 6k, ya i know some will recommend against a new bike cuz it'll definitely get scratched, what not. But I really don't want anything used, plus it's a good size for a starter bike + I'm only 5'8 and small frame. I've tested other bikes as well and i think the CBR600 is probably the biggest i can sit nicely in, but it costs too much for a new. I'm thinking i'll probably keep the bike for 2-3 years before upgrading something better after i get a better hang of riding.

So let me know what you would do, get the mods, or save it up for a bike.