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Hey guys,
I can understand that you have a hard time believing that it came with the N55, but that is not only what the sticker says, but I can also feel that it is not as fast as the
N54 that I had in the 1er. However, it definitely has more power past 5,000 RPM, where our N54's run out of breath. It is a Much higher revving engine, but it just doesn't have that insane power of the N54. I have taken numerous pictures of the engine bay, but I am having problems uploading the pictures. I have them in Picassa, can someone tell me how to post the pics? Also, guys, I can assure you that I am not some guy looking for attention on a car forum. Another member had mentioned that he was buying a 2010 335i x drive, which was at the port, and he was wondering which engine he would receive. To be honest, part of the reason that I bought the 335xi, aside from the fact that the 1er just wasn't good enough for my skiing trips to VT, was the N54 and how easy it was to mod, etc. I will definitely post the pics after learning how to do it. But, does anyone know where I could get a performance exhaust for the N55? That is the only mod that I really want right now. I had the performance exhaust on my 1er and Really miss the sound.
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