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Awsome Idea!!!

Ok so i was thinkn about doin something with a big group cuz i know how every1 wants to go 2 a track and stuff like that and race around in BMWs....well this past summer i went up to the BMW plant in South Carolina and the driving school. The driving school was prob. the sickest thing ive ever done. 2 days of driving around in amazing BMWs. The first day i was in a Z4 (the faster one w/e that is lol) and then we got to drive 330i on the 2nd day and they had this thing called the performance drive or sumthn where we got to drive M3's, 550's, 650's, 330's, 760's, and almost an M Z4 but some dumbass f*cked it up for us but nyways it was amazing!!!! So there is this thing you can do as an organization (which is us) and its a better deal (cuz u have 2 pay). Sorry if this thread is chopy and doesnt make sense but im just thrown an idea out there. It would be a day of driving to the school and we can do a 1 day or 2day school and then a day of driving back. We would have to pay for 1 or 2 nights at a hotel and food and gas and the school so once i get prices for the school that should let me throw some numbers out there. I think this would be a fun drive and experience and a different way to experience the power of BMW!