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Question Can the top CD drive be replaced with a DVD drive?

I have NAV so a CD drive and a DVD drive. I know one can stick in a DVD full of MP3s in the NAV DVD drive, but yeah that obviously means losing NAV.

I don't know what kind of OS the onboard computer is using and which interface is being used on the CD drive, but I'm guessing the interface must be pretty standard IDE as it would sound stupid to develop a proprietary interface but he, who knows...

So, I'm guessing that with just a little bit of luck, replacing the top CD drive with a DVD drive might 'just work'? The question would be to know if there's something pretty standard that could be used to replace it, or maybe if an OEM DVD drive could just be replacing the CD drive to get this working?

I didn't find any post digging into this possibility, if I missed it, I'd appreciate a link...
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