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Dreadful story, and I hope it all works out for you.

Can't really add much, it's all been covered, and very well.

Originally Posted by RagingKileak View Post

This is crucial... I have just had a similar situation with an unrelated type of insurance, but there was very light evidence to the contrary of what I was saying and I had none on the face of it.

I found some and called them about five times, explaining the situation and each time they continued to refuse.

I then took legal counsel from two solicitors. One which cost me 60 and one which was a free consultation on a no-win, no-fee basis. I went to the first which is my regular solicitor to get the CORRECT opinion and I then went to the second to perform the work, as the kind of thing I was claiming for typically doesn't allow the claimant to recoup all legal fee's.

In this case, both solicitors said I MAY have evidence enough to overturn the companies decision to pay me.

I called one more time and calmly, concisely and politely explained exactly the above, and that if they didn't resolve it on the phone without any further contact that I would be serving them with an 'Advice before action' letter which would be followed a week later by another, similar letter along with one to their ombudsman.

This was enough to overturn their decision and I got paid.

IF you are telling the truth then there WILL be proof somehow, some way. Credit Card receipts from your old mans card for refuelling would be one... Speeding Fines which HE took etc.

Any of these to the contrary will count against you of course. So be sure that what you are telling us and what is true line up.


IF your legit, I would personally love to see you fuck over the insurance company and get what you deserve. Don't lay down because that is precisely what they want you to do.

Their phone monkeys will fold like paper ships beneath waves if you hit them with this kind of barrage and if you have evidence, their management and legal team WILL pay you rather than face you in court. Hold the line!!!!

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