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Originally Posted by bmw330dconv View Post
The car is shared with me and my dad, we both drive it equally...
Sorry to hear about your dilemna mate

There's some important points here which may be why the insurer is twitchy:

1. Did you really use this car equally? Named drivers are not generally meant to use the car for more than 25% of the time and should definitely not be the majority driver else they should then be the primary name. So if you use it 50/50 they should have been notified of this specifically just in case. Named drivers are meant to be occasional drivers only.

2. If you are the finance recipient and legal owner, why is your dad on the V5 when you both live at the same address?

3. Is it specific small print that says the owner/finance recipient must be the main insurer?

4. The fact your dad has use main use of ANOTHER car at the same address will really ring alarm bells.. The first thing insurers ask about main/named drivers is do they have use of other cars.

Hopefully you can get out of this one, but insurers will alway say there's no smoke without fire.....

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