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Originally Posted by RagingKileak View Post
I don't mean to seem out of order here mate, but this isn't a hugging group.

We ALL feel for you, trust me.

But did you come here for advice primarily? Because if you did, then you have been given a lot of it.

I have all the sympathy in the world for people who get screwed over and are powerless to stop it, but you are absolutely not powerless and the good people of this site have rallied very quickly and en masse to assist you.

My advice, pick yourself up and get ready to put the boot in. GET LEGAL REPRESENTATION... NOW!!!

your not being out of order mate, and i didnt think this was a hugging group either, cant seem to recall asking anyone for any hugs lol

i know what you mean tho, the shit has hit the fan and now i gotta deal with it, i didnt mean to come across like a spoilt baby, its just that obviously this has put me and my family back with such a huge debt and it not only effects me but my dad too because my money is his money as we are a very tight family....but like u say gota pick myself up and get ready to boot the boot in.
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