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Originally Posted by bmw330dconv View Post
your not being out of order mate, and i didnt think this was a hugging group either, cant seem to recall asking anyone for any hugs lol

i know what you mean tho, the shit has hit the fan and now i gotta deal with it, i didnt mean to come across like a spoilt baby, its just that obviously this has put me and my family back with such a huge debt and it not only effects me but my dad too because my money is his money as we are a very tight family....but like u say gota pick myself up and get ready to boot the boot in.
I was just reacting to the negative update mate, trying to shake you up as they say.

Sounds like your on the tracks which we all want you to be now.

Key thing is always represent for what you believe. We live in such a world off bullshit where insurance and so on appears to operate above the law.

Some spotty fuck waving a policy document is no match for a well reasoned argument based on fact.

When I think back about how many times I've been screwed by services such as this I must have lost thousands. The truth is though that the world has moved too fast for home economics class to keep up.

I left school ten years ago this year and I can both sew an African kid some shorts and bake a pineapple upside down cake, but I can't for the life of me understand how the fuck my gas or electric bills are calculated and I'll be damned if anyone ever tried to teach me that insurance companies, mortgage protection and so on was to be taken carefull until it was much too late.

Trust me on this, you may be on the ropes but if your telling the truth and you can prove it then this becomes crystal clear.

Even if not, a solicitor MAY be able to argue that the actual owner etc has no bearing on the crime that was comitted against you. If your old man is old and considering what did happen - the insurance company should be understanding of why you took the car to sell. Irrespective of who is the main/named driver and so on.

I think a good brief will bend them over, line it up and give them a fucking roasting. Probably without lube.