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Originally Posted by MarkE90M3 View Post

This forum is for the e90post community to give feedback on vendors to help educate and inform each other, not for vendors to try to do some PR cleanup. Please respect what we have here.

And to set the record straight with this "new ownership" stuff, it was under your "ownership" that I had my extremly piss poor experience.

Oh yea, try having a talk with Chris@bimmian for his unprofessional emails/pms.

I hope others have better experiences with bimmian, just passing along the horrible experience i've had.
A apologize for posting here not being a supporting vendor... in fact, i would welcome you to PM me with some rates for sponsoring your board.

My reason for posting as stated before is solely to ensure that your members not only become satisfied with us, but get the products that they paid for in the first place.

Regarding new ownership, I had a business partner until recently, and since that is no more, I have had more ability to assure our customers a better experience.

Additionally, we have replaced our customer service person who was another reason that some of you have had poor experiences.

Regarding Chris, apologies for any problems you have had with him. He is no longer with the company, so I am unable to verify exactly what happened.

Please understand that we have been through a few tough times in the past that led to a small percentage of our customers not being served properly. I am sorry that you are one of them, and would sincerely like you (and EVERYONE ELSE WHO FEELS THEY DID NOT RECEIVE EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE) to give me the opportunity to assist them.

We have thousands of satisfied customers, but unfortunately, most of them do not have motivation to post like someone who was not satisfied. Every person who posts saying they received bad service was probably followed by 500 people who received perfect service, who just are not posting.

Anyway, please email me or PM me, let me know how i can fix your problem, and let me know about sponsoring the board.