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Originally Posted by needforspeed View Post
When you use voice input - don't start speaking after the beep, wait for the small speech icon to appear in the bottom left corner of the idrive display.

You will never here the words 'I'm sorry I didn't understand you' again.

Obviously there is a bit of a glitch in the system and the voice recognition program is not 'ready' until the logo appears.
I have a problem with this, maybe someone can clarify it for me. I tried voice entry for the house #, normally, for something like 1135, you literally have to say One thousand one hundred thirty 5, then 90% of the time, iDrive will be spot on, but when it comes to something like 11356 or 156789, they system won't recongnize One hunder thousand or ten thousand and if I try to say one one three five six, the system will come up with something completely different. Anyone experienced that?

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