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Got Bluetooth working

Hi All,
Thanks to the info in this thread I have been able to retro-fit the Bluetooth telephone function to my 2008 E92 Sport. The car was supplied with Professional radio, L7 & USB (6FL) as standard. As the ULF-SBX-High acts as both audio & Bluetooth it was remarkable easy to complete and now I enjoy the full benefit of Bluetooth as SA644 with voice activation.
I purchased the following parts from the SA644 retrofit kit 84640398228 from my local BMW dealer.
1. Retrofit wiring harness 61120403137
2. Microphone 84316938762
3. Bluetooth Antenna 84506928461. (all parts came to £160.00)
As the ULF-SBX-High was already connected to the MOST fibre optic circuit I did not need to alter any STD settings. I simply located the wiring harness as per the retrofit instructions, connecting in both the microphone in the original location of the interior light housing (FSD) and Bluetooth antenna next to the driver footwell.
This wiring loom came with a WHITE 54 pin block that does not directly fit the ULF-SBX-High unit which has a blue connecter block. I just needed to take the wiring pins out and relocating in the correct location of the original BLUE 54 pin block. (Thanks KenH for your wiring diagrams).
I had the car re-coded by my local BMW specialist with the Auto logic system (thanks GizzE); they had to code 4 items in the car to get the Bluetooth switched on. Then it all worked. Auto logic cost just £35
So all in all, done for less than £ 200.00
I will add the eject box at a later stage when I decide to upgrade my phone, currently Sony Ericsson C902 which works really well & add a Antenna which sticks to inside of rear screen.
I cannot thank you guys enough, would recommend this over a Parrot system any day. By the way the USB option is great, killed of the need for any CDís & removes the need for an iPod as well.