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Originally Posted by raceyBMW View Post
Well there you basically lifetime is BMW's decision, not ZF's
You can't blame BMW! The words "lifetime fluid" is written on each ZF transmission. They've lifted up a 335I at my dealership, and it was written right there.

Originally Posted by raceyBMW View Post
...and officially there is no approved substitute for lifeguardfluid6, and the use of any other fluid would void the transmission warranty. But after 4 years, and if you regularly change the fluid, the use of alternates is probably not an issue as long as you are going with something of similar quality.
Read between the lines:
"Some fluids previously recommended were factory fill or available only in the European market. To
simplify, obtaining the correct recommended fluids ZF now offers Lifguardfluid5, Lifeguardfluid6 and
Lifeguardfluid6+. Please see the attached oil recommendation list TE-ML11 for detailed information.
" In other words, you can use the ZF fluids, or you could see the TE ML11 list for all "APPROVED" fluids.

The world has been using cars since the early part of last century. I don't need a corporate sales person to tell me how to maintain my vehicle. 60,000 miles, or 8 years, is for people who want to change the entire transmission between 100-150K miles. If you leased your vehicle, which most people do, then don't even bother to change any fluid other than the oil. If you bought your car for the long term, then your a fool to not to change you transmission fluid every 2 years, or 30K miles, like most manufacturers recommend. These threads have gotten so fricken tired and pointless!