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Anyone remembers this.........

One of BMW's best-kept secrets is the canceled BMW M8 Prototype. Originally envisioned as a Ferrari competitor, only a single prototype was ever produced, equipped with a special 550 bhp (410 kW) version of the S70 engine, essentially a bored out version of the M70 with experimental multi valve cylinder heads. A common misconception is that this engine eventually ended up in the McLaren F1. However, when this was suggested to McLaren's designer Gordon Murray, the idea was rejected because the engine was overweight and too long for the McLaren F1. A whole new engine was designed which has a closer resemblance to the later euro S50B30 BMW M3 engine.

The project was eventually scrapped because BMW decided that there was no market for an M8. The only prototype ever produced (one that was reportedly not even road safe) was locked away by BMW in the company's Giftschrank (poison storage) and has reportedly been destroyed[1].

While the M8 was never produced, it is interesting to note that the 850CSi was also tuned by BMW's "M" division. Aside from sporting an M-tuned engine (as identified by the S suffix instead of the M prefix that a true M car would wear), the car's VIN identifies the car as being built by BMW Motorsport (identified by the WBS prefix) instead of BMW AG (WBA prefix). This effectively identifies the 850CSi as essentially a detuned version of the M8
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