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Originally Posted by spdy330 View Post
Has anyone had any issues having scoops installed? Issues like water getting suck up in the scoops causing issues.

When installed are they firmly in place or do they wobble around?

Has anyone honestly seen any improvements with scoops or is their mind playing tricks on them because they want to believe they are doing something.

I am interested only if they really work. If they do nothing more then have a cool look (and they do) then I would rather spend my money elsewhere.

I am sure others have similar questions so for all you that have these installed can you give us your honest opinion on function and installation.

Thanks in advance,

so far I have not had my scoops on during the rainy season up here...
1) due to the fact that I took my car into the dealer for some service
2) I didnt want to risk it just in case during the heavy heavy rain
3) I'm planning on putting them in by the weekend

1) IDK b/c normally with scoops its above 70mph your supposed to be getting that 5-10hp gain which I dont know how you can tell that
2) I haven't dyno'ed my car
3) Based off of RPI dyno numbers I am sure there is definitely a difference in HP gain, IMHO its just a matter of how much though for the price you can't beat it compared to RPI

I know that doesnt say much but to really know somebody has to have the time an money to dyno. For me spending money on a dyno to check if my $39 scoops are giving me gain of 5hp or more is not cost effective, I would put that dyno to tune my PROcede chip instead

Hope that helps you to make a decision whether it is to buy or not to buy. Maybe pm some of the other folks that bought a cyba scoop or just create a thread on the turbo section on the forum and ask for some dyno numbers.
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