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Originally Posted by E92Fan View Post
A doctor that I would avoid at all costs!!
A car dealership that I would avoid at all cost too!!

" A customer bought one month ago a used 730d from Big Motoring World. They also sold him a two year warranty, underwritten by Warranty 2000, that cost 1000.

His car has gone into a workshop for a remap, and whilst there the customer is complaining of a gearbox fault that might necessitate a replacement gearbox. Not a problem you'd think given that he's paid 1000 for a two-year warranty, sold generously by the con artists at Big Motoring World

So imagine his shock when reading the small print, that the warranty only kicks into effect 3 months after the purchase - the car isn't covered under warranty during the first three months post sale !!!!!!!!

Further more, there is an excess of 100 on the warranty, which is fair enough I suppose. The funniest bit though is that the maximum amount claimable under warranty, per each and every claim, is 1000 !!!!!!! So therefore, the customer has paid 1000 for a warranty in which only 900 is recoverable...

PLUS - the warranty does NOT apply to wear & tear items, and the burden of proof to show that a warranty claim is NOT the subject of wear & tear lies with the customer!!
BE AWARE THIS LOT ALSO TOLD ME THAT " AN MOT IS ONLY GOOD FOR THE TIME THAT THE CAR IS ON THE RAMP - AS SOON AS IT IS OFF THE RAMP IT CAN FAIL " I later contacted the previous owner who claimed the defects were on the car when he part exchanged it with them for a newer BMW - They had MOT`d a defective and dangerous car.

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