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To clarify some misclarifications
Originally Posted by bmviz View Post
To clarify this subject, CD drive is part of the radio head unit that connected to the MOST bus and identified as such.
There is no head unit in NA 3ers. You either have a MID or the Onbord Monitor. The CD driver is built into the CCC (Car Communication Computer).

Originally Posted by bmviz View Post
It is not connected directly to a computer with open standard as IDE.
Sure it is, MOST.

Originally Posted by bmviz View Post
2. Wait a little ( 3-9 m) for a aftermarket USB adaptor that will allow you to connect any portable USB drive.
I donīt see this happening (it hasnīt happened in the 4 years that MOST has been around in vehicles). Primary reason: a BMW dealer would have to code the device and I donīt foresee a BMW dealer coding a non BMW device (esp. since there prob. isnīt even a code to code it for). The only ,,out`` is if a device that emulates a CD changer is developed but if you donīt have a CD changer already, your car will require coding and you are back to square one.
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