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My bad didn't mean to sound pissed off or anything but I posted this so people could look at it and refer to it so they can search the forums. Both your questions have been covered in other threads. Its not a problem that you asked here...its just you could have easily found the answer. Now to answer your questions...I got my spacers from "jtsherri" (post #9). You can get them from him or make your own. You can also use dynamat and some have used some kind of weather strip thing...not sure on that one.

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2ohm or 4ohm?

The impedance of the factory underseat subs in the Logic 7 system are 4ohms. Therefore, if you are only upgrading the subs than 4ohm SWS-8's will be required. If you want to power the SWS-8's in parallel with an added amp that can handle a 2ohm load, you need the 4ohm versions. The ideal way to run the SWS-8's would be in 2ohms on a 2-channel amp (in stereo).

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