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e92 drop w/ H&R sport or Eibach Pro-Kit?

Has anybody put either H&R sport or Eibach Pro-kit on their E92?
There are a few people that have put them on the E90 but I'm looking for specific info on the drop for the E92. My concern is that the Pro-kit drops 1.2"F and 1"R from the sport suspension already on the E92 whereas the E90 w/ sport the Pro kit is only an increased .5" drop.
I can handle .5" drop but with my driveway being horribly steep I don't think I can do 1" or more drop.

So, before I get the car all apart and stick springs and shocks on there I was hoping somebody could give me the exact drop of a Pro-kit(or hr sports) on an E92...

thanks in advance!
p.s. if it ends up being too low I'm debating putting the FSD shocks on there anyway. Sounds like those will help ride and also handling to a lesser degree.

p.p.s. another thought- does anybody know if there's a Ground Control coil over kit for the E90/92 yet? They use eibach springs(wonder if you could use the pro-kit springs) and usually have a height adjustment of 0"-2". That would be ideal for me because I could still get stiffer springs but not have to lose ride height.