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approximately 1.4ft3, from the best of my measurements and what I could see with the scope... could easily be a bit more or less. There was no port I could see. I did some more tinkering and I'm fairly sure it is indeed a "sealed" enclosure. I had the sill panel and rear sail panels out, and was playing some tones and sweeps, and it's amazing how much leakage there is at the pop clips when they are out. It actually seals up really well when you install them. I use the term sealed loosely because the "enclosure" as it is resonates quite easily, to be expected of thin gauge metal I suppose. With all the panels installed it isn't too noticable inside, though you can certainly hear it outside. I was trying to figure out a good way to damp it, but I think it would be pretty tough to get damping material every where in there...