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Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
I'm actually running my a/d/s 344is mids down to 100 Hz right now. I had them down to 90 Hz and they did okay there too but I'm still messing around with the tuning. The whole system goes as follows:

Zapco DC 650.6
a/d/s 344is 4" mids playing 100 Hz - 6300 Hz off channels 3/4 (50W/ch)
a/d/s px concept tweeters playing 6300 Hz up off channels 1/2 (50W/ch)
Earthquake SWS-8 playing 80 Hz down off channels 5/6 bridged at 2 ohms mono (500W @ 2 ohms)

Right now I haven't really done too much EQ I've just been trying to play with crossovers and gains to get everything to blend well. Once I get that worked out, I will go and make minimal adjustments via the EQ.

As far as the rattling, I've tried listening from the outside and haven't noticed any rattling. I'll check it again today to see if I missed it.
Interesting. I wish I could have a setup like that but I don't have the time to research and install something like that. The rattling is only present at higher volumes...if you don't have rattling then your one of the lucky ones. Mine sounds horrible from the outside. It's like the car is broken....I'm hoping the 12" Type-R I'm adding in the trunk will allow me tune out the low frequencies in the SWS-8s enough so that they don't rattle as much.