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Interesting. I wish I could have a setup like that but I don't have the time to research and install something like that. The rattling is only present at higher volumes...if you don't have rattling then your one of the lucky ones. Mine sounds horrible from the outside. It's like the car is broken....I'm hoping the 12" Type-R I'm adding in the trunk will allow me tune out the low frequencies in the SWS-8s enough so that they don't rattle as much.
I actually did it very slowly since I only had a few hours a weekend to work on it. I did it in a way that allowed me to progress while still keeping the OEM system functional so I didn't have to live with no sounds for months. The install took me a total of 2 months to complete. First I prepped the OEM system wiring with molex connectors so that when the time came to actually hook up the new amp, it was just a matter of unplugging the OEM amp and plugging in the new amp. After that, I ran the power wires and just left the circuit breaker open until it was time to power up the amp. Then I had some adapters for the 4" mids made and test fitted those but didn't actually install them yet. I also bought new window trims so I could mod them to mount aftermarket tweeters. The reason for buying new ones was so I could work on it while the OEM system still worked and if I need to return the vehicle to stock, its as easy as switching back to the old trim. Then I mounted the amp and ran all the wiring. The wiring to the front doors was just left hanging until the speakers were actually installed. The wiring for the SWS was pulled into the cab but bundled under the rear seat until I was ready to install the SWS. On the last day, I installed the mids and tweeters in the doors, did the mods to the OEM enclosures and mounted the SWS, and then made the final connection to the amp to route the signal from the OEM HU to the amp. Now that the system is functioning, its just a matter of tuning but at least I have sound. The result is a complete system with 0 days of down time. The longest I worked on it for any single day was about 3 hours.

Here's a link to some of the pictures from the install

Keep in mind that I didn't have the upgraded individual audio system. I only had the basic hi-fi system so the integration of the OEM HU wiring is much easier. With logic 7 or individual audio, you'd have to install more molex connectors since you would be tapping the signal after the OEM amp not before like I did.
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