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Coincidental? Here's an excerpt from today's Wall St. Journal on BMW's new marketing

With Americans tightening their belts, BMW AG is parking "the ultimate driving machine" in the garage, at least for a while.

The auto maker for years has promoted the power and performance of its cars using that slogan, one of the longest-running and most well-known in the auto industry.

But now the company is switching gears. On Friday, it was launching an advertising campaign that focuses on the joy the company says comes from owning its vehicles and suggests BMWs are safe for mothers and children. One print ad uses the tagline "Joy is Maternal"—a departure from past promotions that touted horsepower, handling and acceleration.

In another big change, the campaign features photos of real BMW owners more than shots of its vehicles. In the past, images of BMW vehicles dominated its ads. People—and even celebrity pitchmen—were shunned to keep the focus on the car. The new "Joy" campaign "is a big departure for us," said Jack Pitney, vice president of marketing for BMW North America. "We hope to really add some humanity to our brand" and show the diversity of its buyers, he said.
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What I noticed is this is aligned with BMW's move from niche performance market to an all purpose luxo-performance mass market, where more buyers exist.

The 507 is a beauty. I'd forgo all the Ms for a 507. Unfortunately you need a lot of Ms for one 507

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