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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
The 335is won't get all the DCT settings the M3 has (called Drivelogic, BTW).

Trust me when I tell you this is actually a blessing in disguise. The added modes are nice in theory but add needless complexity to the interface and probably add even more needless complexity to the software. I almost never use anything other than S5 or S6 (the latter is the "hidden mode" activated when DSC is off which allows you to use launch control - so I am sure the 335i will have an equivalent). Besides that, I would only really ever use S1, and even then only if I were driving with a car full of senior citizens or a sleeping baby. S2 through S4 are really just fluff, and make the whole thing feel gimmicky. The same applies to the D (automatic) mode also (which, BTW, I never use). You really only need two and that's it.
Thanks for the great feedback. I'm actually happier with the simpler operation. One final question, however: What about the special 7 seconds of 270 ft-lbs of torque that is available (launch mode?) from the new 335i? Wouldn't that have to be "selected" somehow ahead of time through the DCT, or will it be automatically engaged when I stomp the accellerator to the floor?