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Exclamation Mr. 5 Intake, Stock Intake, and DCI---VBOX 60-100 Time Comparisons!

As promissed,
I tested my intake this morning to see if the changes made improvements.
For those who don't want the excutive summary, the Mr. 5 Intake performed the best out of the DCI and the OEM air box.
For those who don't know, this was my original design:

This is the updated version which I used during this test:

Now before anyone starts to think that these results are scewed then think again. I'm not selling this. It was just an idea that I had (Thanks Dinan) to grab the coldest air for the engine without the restrictions.

Also, I chose a road that goes slightly up hill so we don't have the "Those 60-100 runs are slow compared to what others are getting" posts. I also wanted to see how each intake did under pressure.
All off topic posts will be deleted since we are only talking about the comparisons of intakes.

This is what I did:

3 Runs with my Intake
3 runs with the OEM air box
3 runs with the DCI
2 runs with my intake again to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

I highlighted the best run of each.

Mr. 5 Intake

Time 4.63
Peak Boost 15.95
Average Boost 14.006
Average Wastegate Pulse Duration 45.28%
Peak Wastegate Pulse Duration 49.48%

Time 4.63
Peak Boost 15.95
Average Boost 14.08
Average Wastegate Pulse Duration 45.25%
Peak Wastegate Pulse Duration 49.43%

Time 4.66
Peak Boost 15.95
Average Boost 14.09
Average Wastegate Pulse Duration 44.88%
Peak Wastegate Pulse Duration 50.23%


Time 4.73
Peak Boost 16.095
Average Boost 14.031
Average Wastegate Pulse Duration 46.09%
Peak Wastegate Pulse Duration 52.88%

Time 4.68
Peak Boost 16.24
Average Boost 14.09
Average Wastegate Pulse Duration 49.09%
Peak Wastegate Pulse Duration 54.84%

Time 4.69
Peak Boost 16.385
Average Boost 14.10
Average Wastegate Pulse Duration 46.00%
Peak Wastegate Pulse Duration 53.91%


Peak Boost 16.24
Average Boost 14.33
Average Wastegate Pulse Duration 45.48%
Peak Wastegate Pulse Duration 50.54%

Peak Boost 16.24
Average Boost 14.34
Average Wastegate Pulse Duration 45.44%
Peak Wastegate Pulse Duration 51.42%

Sorry, but I forgot to hit the start button to log.

As you can see, the best times obtained were done with the Mr. 5 intake and the average boost, peak boost and wastegate duty cycles were less than with the other intakes.

When I finished the testing with the DCI, I was curious if it the conditions changed at all from when i ran the Mr. 5 intake earlier so I put it back on to see if I could replicate the results and I did.
I didn't do any BT logs but it's obvious that my intake did pretty well.

4.68 and 4.62 were the times when I put my intake back on so actually my best time was 4.62.

The pictures are in the following order:

Mr. 5 Intake
Mr. 5
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