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I hate Auto Atlantic! Help, need a reputable tech in Cape Town

Hey everyone. I've never posted in the regional sub-forum before and actually haven't posted on e90 in a looooong time. Anyways, I'm actually from the US, but recently relocated to Cape Town. In that time, I bought a '02 525i (havin a baby, needed something practical) a while back. I can't find a e39 SA forum with any kind of decent following and I desperately need some help finding a good shop so I cam back home to e90post.

At the end of Dec last year, the car began overheating. What a nice Christmas present huh? I took it to Auto Atlantic in Cape Town city center. Little did I know, that place is absolutely clueless. To make a very long story short, over a 6 week period the car had to return 4 times for the overheating problem!! Every time, they diagnosed the problem as something different. The most recent trip, it's now been determined, the car has a blown head gasket. Note, the car was not driven while overheating. The car was parked and towed.

Prior to the overheating, the car had no issues and was running strong. I'm sure their inability to properly diagnose the true source of the overheating led to the head gasket issue. How can I prove this? I feel Auto Atlantic should repair the damage to heads now and likely to cylinders at their cost. They of course are taking NO responsibility!!

Thanks in advance for any insights.

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