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Originally Posted by Former_Boosted_IS View Post
Honestly, the wastegate duty cycle is almost identical on DCI and your intake so the flow is sufficient on both. It would be nice to see IAT if possible at some time. Next, the time difference is nearly nothing on the best runs. I am not sure that .04 seconds proves anything because that must be within the range of error on the VBOX. There are so many other things that could account for such a tiny error.

It is important to note this proves the stock intake is worthless on higher boost. You will notice the wastegate duty cycles are higher on the stock intake, so it is not sufficent to flow at higher boost levels. End of story.

Please don't take this the wrong way Mr. 5. I am simply stating that the quantifable difference here is not conclusive in my opinion.
Worthless? Come on.

1-3% duty cycle on stock airbox is relatively nothing. It even made slightly more boost. If the stock airbox required 95% duty cycle and was overheating the solenoids, then it would be useless. It's obviously a small flow restriction but I think your wording is poor (and also spelling)