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Thanks to all

Thank you to everyone for the comments and compliments. Great to see such a positive response from the e90post community!

I've tried to address some of your questions below and will keep checking in here should you have any more thoughts or questions.

Originally Posted by ultimate View Post
i love those front splitters, been looking for one myself.
is the side skirt fitment off?
I'd note that the Hartge front splitters are a separate piece but have been custom molded into the front bumper. I would highly recommend this approach if you are looking to do a front valence / splitters on your ride. Fitment is great on the body kit all around - hear you on the side skirts from a certain angle though.

Originally Posted by longtran View Post
imma take a wild guess you like hartge? nice setup. always a fan of hartge, not too much a fan of the front lip but everything else
haha I certainly am a fan of Hartge tuning for BMWs and have been for a number of years. I actually bought the car from the Hartge distributor for North America (based here in Doral, FL) - They had the car as a display piece to show off the products they had for the e92 platform, but were looking to sell it and I jumped in at the right time. I bought it this summer with ~900 miles and got an amazing deal on a cleanly tuned, nearly brand-new car.

Originally Posted by hun77777 View Post
all that money but how come no NAV and sport pkg?

do you have more pics of rear diffuser? it looks very unique!
haha - Please see response above. I bought the car from a private party owner / business and it unfortunately did not have these options. It'd have the sport package and nav if I had my choosing, but I'm willing to live without the more comfortable seats and always can fall back on the iphone to get me where I'm going haha

Originally Posted by gizmo335i View Post
I think that's the first E92 I've seen that the chrome grills look good with the setup..sweet ride..
I've debated going with the matte black grilles, as so many people do on these forums, but have stuck with the chrome ones so far. I just put the 20% tints on yesterday and feel that the matte black grilles might be more fitting now, but still not sure I want to make that change. What do you think?

Originally Posted by D_o_S View Post
Nice, how are you liking the Hartge shift knob?
Shift knob loosk and feels great, and coupled with the Active Autowerke SSK, I am very happy with it.

Originally Posted by ****** View Post
I love it, Maybe we'll get together one day for another photoshoot
Always down for a get together and looking for excuses to test out this new camera - Shoot me a PM next time you are heading out to an event and I'll see if I can make it.