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Spending MY money at Luxury Auto Xchange

I just completed an email/phone/fly-in drive-out purchase of a 2009 135i conv from Luxury Auto Xchange. I read the negative posts, saw the scary story and almost missed a very good deal from a very good dealer because of them.

I dealt directly with Luca and George (the only 2 sales people who currently work there) and both were straight shooters. I never caught them in a lie or a story. They backed up everything they said. The car was exactly what they said it was, had been waxed and polished before I got there, and was delivered with all the books and manuals and keys, and even a full tank of gas. Luca and his wife picked me up at the airport in their personal car, and George came in on his day off to deliver the car. There was NO HASSLE. I was in and out of the building in less than 1/2 hour from the time we arrived. There were no games, no last minute surprises.

I was in the car business for 10 yrs, have been a 300/500 Master Salesman, Finance Manager, Sales Manager and General Sales Manager for a variety of brands of cars. For the past 12 years, I have owned a Nationwide Insurance Agency in VA. You can contact me at if you need peace of mind. This dealership is NOT Luxury Auto Exchange, and is not affilitated with the dealership in Downers Grove which did go out of business. Luxury Auto Xchange is a wholesale arm of Perillo BMW. They are not going to jeopardize their new car franchises by committing fraud or deceptively selling BMWs purchased from closed BMW dealer only authorized auctions. There is too much at stake for that. LAX does sell some lemon law buy-back cars, but that attribute was disclosed by them as part of the pre-purchase conversations. I declined tp purchase one of them mostly because I felt it might be hard to sell one with that history in the future. Mine was not one of them.

The car I bought didn't have a CARFAX or and AutoCheck report on it; it had never been titled. It was delivered on a MSO (manufacturers statement of Origin) and so it had no history. I check the VIN at my local BMW store's service dept and they told me it had no warranty work on it (so it couldn't be a lemon law car). I checked the CLUE report (insurance claim report; if you have an agent, he can pull one for you) and it was clean there. Upon my request, Luca provided me with a copy of the auction report they had used to purchase the car; I saw the exact description of my new car from a 3rd party vendor and had complete peace of mind in how they did business. You have to make your own decision, but mine saved me $1000s from any other car I had seen. I would absolutely go back for another one! I pre arranged my own financing and there was zero pressure to use their finance arms.

Give Luca Lacovella a call; he is a veteran sales person and will make your transaction as smooth as possible. Because there were so many bad posts, and because this was such a good transaction, I wanted to share my personal background and my experience with you. I would buy again from Luca, George and LAX with confidence.

Mike M
Occoquan VA