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Originally Posted by zsapphire7 View Post
id like to see someoen get these and give a review
I haven't seen anyone on this particular forum that is qualified to actually give a review on shocks and struts, myself included. Sorry.

Besides the usual "I put on XXX coil-overs and my car handles tite now, yo!" and the "YYY shocks are teh bomz and you MUST get it" I doubt you'll get qualified answers when comparing über high-end dampers. The top end stuff like Ohlin/JRZ/Moton etc cost more because their customizable internal valving to provide different damper characteristics at high and low speed shock movement and stronger internals designed to tackle the rigors of PROFESSIONAL RACING and most offer life-time re-build service which comes in very handy since most racers, even club level ones, would likely need to rebuild their shocks/struts on a very regular basis.

And $2,900 is DIRT CHEAP for Moton. I mean this is AST price levels which is a good strata below, and AST is already the TOP consumer level dampers.

Getting someone here to review these Motons would be akin to me reviewing my Playboy Photographer buddy's camera equipment. Sure, I'm probably more knowledgeable than 99.99% of the populace when it comes to camera stuff (besides my freelance career in writing, evaluating automotive aftermarket parts, I am also a freelance motorsports photographer), but the cameras that my friend uses? Light-years out of my league. LIGHT-YEARS. I wouldn't even know where to begin.