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Originally Posted by vu View Post
Kinda late on the thread, but just took some pics of my SG w/ black rims this afternoon. took it on an iphone so pic quality isnt the greatest. tried to adjust the quality but it came out crappy and pretty much lost interest fixing it. lol

Shot with iPhone 3G at 2010-02-12

Shot with iPhone 3G at 2010-02-12

Shot with iPhone 3G at 2010-02-12
Yeah, I guess black still isn't my first choice. But the iPhone camera has always taken excellent pics, in my opinion

Originally Posted by HiHoAg View Post

Gunmetal FTW . Silver is safe and the right rims can look really good. Black with polished lip is OK but kinda predictable. Personally, not into all black rims on SG. Gold with polished lip would be interesting*, especially if you had saddle or beige interior. (*Somebody on this forum had something like this-> Here ya go: )

Me, I'm a silver car with silver wheels kinda guy... and SG with gunmetal is the two-steps-closer-to-murdered version.
Yessss, gunmetal. That is actually going to probably be my final choice. I saw the link to the gold rims e90, but I really don't want to look like an STi

The polished lip with black is very nice, but you're right on the predictability and I don't think it goes best with SGM.

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