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Originally Posted by merlinfe View Post
Hey Bavarian III,

V710 are nice. I've been considering Gunmetal Forgestar F14s in 18x8.5 and 18x10. They are A LOT lighter than stock and have just a little more meat on the spokes than the V710s. The price is pretty good as well.

I like the 18x10s because I really want 275s in the back. Definitely something to look into.

Good choice on the color! I had Sparkling Gunmetal BBS wheels on my Gunmetal '06 EVO IX MR SE. BADA** wheel and color combo imho.
Really? You have a link to those?

And yeah, I thought for a while about the color combo. Didn't want to get anything that I knew would probably look different after they were put on, so I asked my very supportive e90post community to provide all pics/all color combos possible and they have answered.

I really, really liked the concavity of the V710s more than the V718s and other CSL reps, and figured they'd bring out the muscular stance of the sedan more so in a darker color, especially with the base color of the car being a dark, metallic gray And they are "easier" on the wallet than, say, some BBS LM's or something.

And 275s? Whoa

Originally Posted by jpurvis08 View Post
good choice with the VMRs i just got silver v710s and i love them, i have a sliver car but suprisingly they look good on it. i may end up powdercoating black with a silver time attack though
Thanks! I always though that silver on silver never looked bad at all, though. I guess I just didn't want silver because of the contrast with the gray.

But that powdercoated black with silver time attack would look ridiculous. I'm picturing it now. Stuff like that makes me want an E92, sometimes The shape of it is just very nice, and I love the way the taillights look at night.

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