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EDIT: Please see post #32 of this tread for an alternate wire pass-thru idea.

Now lift the passenger side. Off with the tire. Look in your engine bay and identify the plastic pipe that carries the windshield wiper fluid to the tank (see picture). This hiatus allows passage of wires form the engine bay into the wheel well. First attach the resistor as you did on the driver side: one end attached to wire #12, far enough back from the adapter to allow a future connection. The other end of the resitor attached to #2. Clip wire #12, and then attach the appropriate new wire to wire #12 (adapter side). Attach your new wire to the ground wire (#2) as you did on the driver's side. Pass the wires thru the hole for the wiper fluid pipe and then pull them thru into the wheel well.

Now detach your right side side marker (see picture). Open the bundle of wires and identify the power (blue/yellow) and ground (brown). Now look for a small slot right at the edge of the wheel well that is line with the side marker. Feed the wires from the engine bay into this small hole while feeling for them in the sidemarker hole (see picture). Attach the appropriate wires. Put the passenger side LED in. Now put everything back together and put your intake back in.

Turn on the lights.... and stand back.
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