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Originally Posted by Chesmu View Post
The driver's side splice occurs in the wheel well. The passenger side splice occurs at the sidemarker. The e90 factory wiring is not symmetric, so each side required a different tactic. AS far as the connections are concerned:

1. resistor connections: Bare a section of the existing ground (wire#2) and wrap the resistor wire around it and tape. Connect end of wire #12 attached to the headlight and resistor wire using twist-cap. I don't like using the quick connects, and in order to disable the corner turn signal and get AEO you have to sever wire #12.

2. sidemarker connections: bare a section of the ground wire and power wire and wrap your new wires around and tape. When connecting the power wire from the sidemarker to the headlight you can use a twist cap since the headlight wire (#12) has been cut. Again, I find the quick connects cumbersome. In some of my pictures you can see where I have removed a section of insulation from around certain wires.

Hope this helps.
It would be best if you have a soldering iron to solder the wires to the resistor. Its not a good idea to use tape to connect two components because they will become unstable, and do not hold well against elements and bumps from a moving vehicle. Radio Shack has soldering irons for 10 bux (last i checked). I think its a worthwhile investment.
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