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Radio Professional - MP3 restart each time from the beginning of the track

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I have a BMW E90 (from February 2009) with the built-in BMW Radio Professional.

I like to listen to techno music while I'm driving. I burned some CD's with long techno mix (usually 1 hour) in mp3.

If I stop the motor and start again after a short time (some minutes), the track is continued where it was started.

Now if i wait a long time (some hours), the track starts again at the beginning. The player doesn't resume the track where it was stopped.

It's very very boring !! I asked the garage to fix this but they told me that it's impossible!! I'm disappointed cause it's not the basic model, it's named "professional".

I don't find it very professional: no long memory of the track, no counter or progress bar to find where I'm in the track, no scrolling of the long name of the track,..

Maybe does somebody have found a workaround to resume the track where it stopped ?