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Originally Posted by SoYank View Post
Or choose carefully for whom you cast your vote.
My vote would not change anything.
I live in a Rural and very Conservative area and our MP has had a majority of 10,000+ since labour has been in power.

Simple fact is that there are too many cars on the UK peak times that becomes critical mass

I now drive 46 miles each way to work which 20 years ago would have been out of the ordinary its not unusual.
15 years ago I used to ride by bike 17 miles each way to I wouldn't dare risk it.
I don't have any choice to use public transport unless i set off the night before...then I can't get home.

I'm not saying road pricing will help or is the right solution

But I do know that I did work in London near old street tube when the congestion charging started.
one week crossing the road took a good 5 minutes
Next week 15 seconds.
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