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My day job is a roofing and building contractor.
Well I work for my old man along with about 7-8 other guys (but I get it easy)

And I also help out with my dad's property development company (the one I want to take over ) at weekends, some evenings.

The pd company is still very young at the moment but has a huge scope for potential.
If it follows the same route (witch it should) as the building and roofing company then it should be very successful.

We, well my old man currently look after 21 builders (of new property’s)
4 schools, 2 private hospitals, as well as the private work we do, makes for a very busy year.

I have worked for him for 8 years now and have never had a day of due to lack of work, long may that continue

Edit: have now taken on 19 opticians aswell .

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