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Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
official engine specs:

NA 4.2L Direct Injection V8
450 HP
370 TQ
8250 Redline

Price is ridiculous, i don't care if it comes to the states anymore but in europe it will be €77,000 (about $104,000).
Like every other car, the price in the US won't be the euro price normalized to US dollars using a random exchange rate. It'll have it's own MSRP for the NA market. Which, if history is indication, will be a far better buy compared to the european market.

Edit: I just noticed that the m3 coupe is 68.350,00 EUR... which make the RS5 significantly more expensive than the M3 in their home market. I'm willing to bet that Audi doesn't bring this car here due to their not being able to price it competitively.

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