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Originally Posted by Garduna View Post
Current M3 is 68,350 Euro
RS5 that's gonna be coming out in April will be 77,000 Euro.

I really love the RS5 and the specs are great but wtf is with that price? I could see it being 72,000 Euro but 77,000??? That is a lot!

In the Canadian Market, the M3 cost 71,300. So lets assume if the RS5 does make it to Canada that the price will be around 75-80k. If the performance blows or at least surpasses the current M3, than a mid 70k price tag would be fine. If however, it doesn't out performs the M3, than the extra premium would make it a hard car to sell I'd think.

I think of all markets, this car will sell the best in the States.

It would be a foolish mistake to think this car will not sell well in North America. Compared to the M3 this thing is a no brainer. Granted it's going to be 15k ISH more than the M3 but it's way better suited to this climate than it is to Europe.

Would it be so surprising to see that the pricing will be equivalent to that of the M3? Where the North Americans don't get gouged, and the Europeans pay a proper price. I can't see Audi continuing this trend, especially when people like myself have only shied away from their cars because of reliability, which has been fixed.