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Originally Posted by graider View Post
agree. i'm sure the rs5 will win some m3 fan base for sure if it is price 7k more than the m3 in canada. very appealing deal to me. hehe

but somehow I highly doubt it. I think it would be north of 100k in canada. make my word for it.
At that pricepoint, most people with mid-life crises will opt for the M3. This gives people who want this swiss-army knife of cars some bargaining power. There is no way a 50 year old man who drives a camry and wants a toy will spring for this.

This is a car that screams daily driver. the M3 is not a daily driver in Canada. If I have to get an M3, i will have to make sure it is decent on winter roads. it will probably take a bit more caution, too.

Daily drivers aren't the sort of car the 50-year old guy (who drives either the sc430, or an m3.. sometimes an M5) will buy it for even a nickel more than an M3.

That's why I am hoping, at WORST, it's 100k plus tax. There is no way they will go over.