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Originally Posted by shiggy View Post
the car's MSRP is 77,000 euro....thats $109,000 CDN....add some options....your lookin at a $120,000 Audi RS5!!!! freakin way!
probably the reason why Audi NA had said it may not come here!
I agree with you 110%.

Audi would be incredibly stupid to have a brand new car rival a lightly used and equivalently-equipped R8 at that price.

Which is why if they want to survive in our market they will do what they did for the S4, adjust the prices.

The S4 used to be 70 000, it's easy to forget that. Now they start at 52,300 which is what they should have been to begin with. The problem Audi had was pricing their S cars so incredibly high that they set up a competition between the S4 and M3. Up until 5-6 years ago I used to think the S4 was the M3 equivalent.

Now that they seem to be aligning their prices properly, I cannot see this being more 100 plus tax.

If it is way more than that, and it's a real possibility it could be something in the range of what you mentioned, then I'll get an 011 M3.

IT would be an absolute shame to see Audi die in NA slowly pricing things that stupidly.. I can't see them making the same mistake twice.

I think auto manufacturers forget that selling a >55k USD car to a continent that has, maybe, 1 percent of the population that can comfortably afford it isn't easy.

Now if they get stupid and overprice it, then why build it? Their purpose is to sell cars. The R8s they claim were "flying" off the lot. Those are the same R8s you can get for 120 with about 7000 MILES and R-Tronic with everything.

Now granted the R8 has an amazing chassis (among other things), what I'm getting at is they purposely used a 450 HP V8 from their RS4. It's to save money on R and D.

If the car had the Biturbo V8 or V6 as many thought it would, then I couldn't see it not being in the R8 range.

That engine is great, don't get me wrong, but they could have done better.

I think they're learning.