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If this kind of charging happened and my company wouldn't cover the cost (and I doubt they would/could) I would have to leave my job.

I am an Area Manager and visit 10 or so different sites/staff in South Yorks from my home in North Yorks and cover about 800 miles a week for work. There is no public transport option at all (Buses or trains) that would make this job possible.

Its a ridiculous state of affairs to say that we need to get traffic off the roads but do nothing to create viable alternatives for working people.

The roads round here have not been maintained for years and are in a dangerous condition - This government (and the local authority for that matter) take a fortune in taxes of one sort or another already and do nothing to improve our lives when it comes to transportation.

Its no wonder so many people are leaving the country for a new life abroad with this and other issues (Like the likelyhood of our village pub closing because the locals won't be able to have a smoke there after July)

Rant over
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