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About 1 month ago, I added a Nitrous Express kit to my N54 and gained 92 rwhp on a 35 shot (0.031 jet). I was floored with the quality of the NX kit in every aspect. To be honest, they rank up at the top of any product I have ever reviewed in almost every aspect. Their solenoids are so far superior to the competition and their build quality is unsurpassed. They claim to be the next generation of nitrous and they live up to every letter of their word. Well, I wanted to finish off my nitrous system with a couple of accessories and there was no question who I was going to order from. I wanted a remote bottle opener to make things easier and a bottle jacket to aid in the warming of the bottle and to help keep it at ideal pressure.

With that, I ordered the following
  • Nitrous Express Remote Bottle Opener
  • Nitrous Express Bottle Jacket
In addition, I finally got the time to finish off the purge kit I originally ordered from Nitrous Express, so I will cover that in this review/DIY as well.

Experience with Nitrous Express

I think there is a reason that both Shiv from Vishnu and Terry from BMS all endorse NX products. Simply put they are the best. When I order from Nitrous Express, I like to speak with Mike Abney because his expertise is off the chart. He is an enthusiast and he knows his products. He has always been tremendously friendly and I have enjoyed every conversation I have had with him. When I ordered, I was informed when the items would ship and I had them in just a few days.

Nitrous Express clearly believes in the entire buying process. When you get home the day the NX products arrive, you can see the Nitrous Express boxes staring you down as you drive up. It really is awesome.

The products came individually packaged and protected with peanuts.

The Nitrous Express Remote Bottle Opener comes individually boxed.

The Nitrous Express Remote Bottle Opener box contains the motor, gears, hardware, the switch, and all necessary connectors.

You can see the well built clutch style Nitrous Express Remote Bottle Opener and gearing.

I also ordered the Nitrous Express Bottle Jacket. It is another beautiful product with a very sharp logo.

Finally, I already had the NX purge kit on my car, but never ran the tube or hard line to use it... until now. Since I wanted a dual purge setup, I ordered a "T" from Nitrous Express to use.

Nitrous Express really understands how to make the buying experience awesome.


You take all responsibility on your own installations. This is simply a documentation of how I installed these products.
Nitrous Express Purge Setup
Since I began the purge install process, I want to begin here. Last time I wrote about my Nitrous Express Purge, I left you here.

All that was left to do is run the purge line. I had to decide whether I wanted to use vacuum line or hard line to purge through. The soft vacuum line leaks on a lot of applications, so I wanted nothing to do with it. Nitrous Express sells stainless steel line to use for purging, but I wanted a more stealthy black look. So how did I accomplish this? Brake line! 3/16" brake line is sold in any auto store on every street corner and can be bought at $5 for a 3 foot section. It is cheap and black. Basically I was able to do the entire purge line and "T" for a dual purge for next to nothing.

Before you begin, you should know how the "T" connector for the dual purge works. It accepts a flared end from the brake line. This is important because it means you will just need to make sure to thread the flared fitting and blue nut onto the line before you run it! Here is what that would look like.

Tape these to the end of the tube you will be bending so it is there when you need it later.

The purge solenoid that you buy from NX comes with a compression fitting for the hard line on it. What this means is you need to insert the brake line into the compression fitting, but you need to cut the flare end off the brake line. A dremel does this in 10 seconds.

You will simply slide this into the compression fitting on the end of the purge solenoid and tighten it down. Make sure the purge solenoid is facing straight down so you can make the brake line run easy.

What will seem like the more difficult part is the bending of the brake line. To solve this problem, you need to go to Harbor Freight and get a brake line bender. This one is perfect and only cost $5.

The above bender has a specific location for 3/16" brake line and does a very good job on tight bends.

I found it a lot easier to do this with the front bumper off and it only takes 20 minutes to remove, so I pulled it off. When running the brake or purge line, you will need to measure and bend it to run it to your purge location. I chose the kidney grills and that is the path I will follow here. I ran the purge line toward the subframe from the solenoid as you can see in the picture above.

From there I ran the line along the subframe and toward the back of the driver's side headlight.

Then I covered it in loom to eliminate vibration and conceal it nicely in the engine compartment.

Then I bent it around the corner and routed the brake line out the nose of the car between the driver's side headlight and radiator. From here I bent the 36" brake line I used to the "T" fitting. Remember the blue nut and flared fitting you put on the line earler? Well now it is time to use this to attach the flared end of the brake line to the "T".

The rest of this install is pretty simple. I did the same thing for the two purge outlets. I cut off one flared end of the brake line and fed the flared fitting and blue nut down to the flared end of the brake line. Taped the blue nut and flare fitting to secure it. I bent the line to exit from the 8th slat in the kidney grill. I tightened everything and added blue thread locker to secure the brake line to the "T" fitting. Finally I zip tied everything so the purge pressure would not move the lines. The final results...

I know, I know... let me guess? You want to see it?

Nitrous Express Remote Bottle Opener
We now move onto the NX remote bottle opener. The instructions are good on the NX remote bottle opener, but I still feel it is helpful to walk through the install. First you must remove the bottle from the car to do the work. Always make sure the bottle valve is closed when removing it! When you get the bottle to the place you will work on it, you will need to place the D-4 cap that came with the NX remote opener kit on the valve exit nipple.

Now you will need to remove the handwheel from the NX bottle. Lift the cap shown below with a thin flat head screw driver carefully to make sure you don't damage anything.

This will expose the bolt that holds the handwheel on. Remove this nut, but keep it handy because you will reuse it.

With the nut removed, you can take the handwheel off.

With the handwheel removed, you can start the installation of the NX remote bottle opener. First you will put the adapter collar on the bottle. This will determine where the remote bottle opener sits, so it is important. Just open and close the valve using the handwheel to insure you have no binding, then secure the allen bolt on the adapter collar.

Install the new handwheel that came with the NX Remote Bottle Opener kit and tighten it with the bolt you took off earlier. Now place the main body of the remote opener over the gears on the hand wheel making sure they line up properly!

When you are pleased with the setup, you can secure the main body to the collar with the thumb screw that came with the kit. Now it is off to install this in the car. Place your bottle back in the mounting brackets so you can mark where you need to drill to conceal the wires.

Drill the hole.

Route the wire through the hole and loom it to keep things looking clean.

Now you have some decisions to make on wiring. The bottle opener can pull up to 20 amps as the remote opener completely closes or opens the valve. The problem is that a tap-a-fuse cannot be used on a draw of more than 10 amps. You can try it, but I didn't want run wires twice, so I bought a Bosch (now named Tyco) relay and wired it up that way. It was just the easy route to go because the relay draws power from the battery and it turns with little current draw from a key-on power source. For the key-on power, you can just tap into your methanol or nitrous tap-a-fuse. The first thing to figure out was where to mount the relay. There is a very nice location above the battery and behind the carpet in the rear of the car.

Wire up the relay and label all wires so you know where to hook all the wires up on the switch.

I added a 20 amp fuse inline between the power wire on the relay and the battery. I grounded the relay right to the battery.

Route the wires now to the location where you will put the switch. My switch is in my armrest area, so that was my destination.

Now the last thing you will need is a ground source for the switch. I get tired of searching for grounds, so I just drilled and secured a ground near the passenger kick panel.

The last of the work is to wire up the switch and that should be obvious from the instructions. Connect your ground and battery power to the relay now that everything is wired up.

I cut a new trigger plate out of Lexan and covered it in carbon fiber cloth. Here is the new trigger plate wired up.

Now, I can open the bottle from the driver's seat.
Nitrous Express Bottle Jacket
Easiest install ever! Place the NX bottle jacket over the bottle and secure the velcro straps! DONE!


Nitrous Express is a pleasure to purchase from. Their packaging may be the best I have ever seen. Their customer service has been a 10 out of 10 in particular with Mike Abney. Their shipping process is painless and the items always arrive in pristine condition.

The Nitrous Express Remote Bottle Opener is the best in the industry. It is a clutch setup with replacement parts in the event they are ever needed. The NX Remote Bottle opener is a well built unit, complete with all the necessary hardware to install, and easy to use. If you choose to wire it as I did, you will need to order a Bosch (Tyco) relay. The NX Remote Bottle Opener simply adds convenience if that is what you are looking for and NX does it well.

The NX purge kit is easy to use and can be easily installed in a stealty way using brake line (also saves a few $$$). The switch and fire button are easy and intuitive. The solenoid is even very attractive with a carbon fiber wrap. Purging can help get rid of any bubbles that form in the nitrous fluid increasing traps but up to 2 MPH. On a small shot like mine, I will admit it is all show, but looks good.

Finally, the NX Bottle Jacket is an easy to use product. It is well constructed and should stand the test of time. It helps keep the bottle warm and helps it heat faster.

Nitrous Express claims to be the Next Generation Nitrous System and they continue to live up to the high standards they set for themselves.

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