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Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
Earthquake SWS-8 playing 80 Hz down off channels 5/6 bridged at 2 ohms mono (500W @ 2 ohms).
i was running them 120hz down, then switched to 90hz down
they sound much better, less boomy
i used to hear the bass coming from below the seat
now it feels like its coming from the door speakers
i like it much more
i am crossing over my door speakers at 60hz
and believe it or not they sound great
but i think the slight resonance i am hearing is the plastic cage of the actual speaker
not something else vibrating
i am using the logic 7 speakers
very happy with them otherwise, except at certain frequencies they resonate
can't think of a fix for that
i tried using weather sealant foam like you did on the 344is
improved, but not removed the resonance
any ideas?