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Originally Posted by RobBeck View Post
The turbine wheel/shaft and the CHRA are all really meek and need attention. If I were you I'd ping AMS about their FP Turbos and see what they though about the increase in power, or GT Pro, or TD, or anyone else with compressor only upgrades before you install. If they are doing a full upgrade later, comparable to ASR/RD, then you maybe better of waiting until then. Turbos not only need to push air, but the need to pass it as well... And clipped or not that turbine is too restrictive and is sized well for the OEM compressor IMHO.
I've always been hesitant about compressor-only upgrades. I guess we'll see how this turns out very soon. I don't think we'll see the same gains with saw with the a full CHRA upgrade (ASR kit) but it is also much more affordable. It would be very cool if this gave us the same power at slightly less boost. Or another 30-40hp when turned up.