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Red face 2010 GTI M/T vs. DSG

My GF is in the market for a new car, all she can think of is the GTI. we picked up a DSG home yeaterday for a test drive and will be returning it today. she is now torn between the DSG and the Manual tranny.

her liking for M/T:
fun and more driver oriented according to her in regards of the shifting

her liking for DSG:
we will have two cars in the household and my E90 is already a M/T so she don't know if both being M/T will be a good thing.

although DSG is a quicker version, if she decides to get DSG at the end, she won't even be using the DSG that often, she don't like the paddle shift/manu-matic feel.

if it was me that is in the market for the GTI, i would go with the M/T, but in the end it'll be her that will be driving it most of the time. drove the DSG a while last night and didn't really like it when shifting with the paddles, don't know why but just plainly didn't like it
and plus, saving the $1000 from getting a DSG is a big plus for me

are there any other pros and cons between the DSG and the M/T? i'm really new to the V-Dubs so i really don't know much. still researching though but her decision is needed soon within a week or two.

well, hope after reading the feedbacks can help her decide.