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WHY!!! help please...

I need a 7 seater, very soon. and I won't be the driver, my mom will be. I was thinking about x5, but again, i am not the driver, so i can't find any good reason for me to buy a $70k car and let an old lady who doesn't know the difference between bmw and ford to drive it. Plus, the 3rd row seats are very small, just like the new acura mdx. btw, mdx will cost $50k, too. So I try to look for some mini van, like sienna. I make a list what i want, but the optional package doesn't really let me make any choice. The final price come up is $37k. WTF, a minivan will cost almost like the e90. that's $hit.

I need some suggetions, which car is good. bigger room, for 2 little kids, must be 7 seater. I don't want to see service department very other months. reasonable price, because I won't really drive it, max will be twice a year. please help.