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Originally Posted by Rochester BMW View Post
All this is is scare tactics! Yes there proberly will be some kind of tax increase in the next 3-5 years (tell me something new)

But has anyone stoped to think about car manufactures...??

Production plants are already moving away for cheaper labour in the far-east, if the gov were to tax the ***holes out of everyone for even using a car, no one would own a car....

So what would happen to car prices???? Answer... they'd drop to compensate the extra we pay in tax, otherwise the car manufactured would slowely loose the UK as a market....

it would never happen....

I think you are right ... as a nation we love our cars ... even if we don't have enough room for them all.

Economics will adjust .... some people will be upset, but in the end life will go on.

Anything that keeps Sunday drivers of the road would be a good thing. All of you guys who have company cars with free petrol will also get free road charging from your companies. They may have to raise the price of 'widgets' (or whatever they sell) by 1p a throw, but it will not end our civilisation.

We'll have a bigger problem if the Thames rises by 10m !