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Originally Posted by benmoooon View Post
If the transmission fails, you still have to take it in to fix, which is a waste of your time and energy. You may be without a car for a few weeks. So if the transmission has a problem, it can still affect you short term.
that can apply to any tranny though or anything for all that dad was without his X5 for 2 weeks because they couldnt fix the pano-roof... being without your car if a problem arises should not be a factor in buying a car ..<- applies only if you have warranty, otherwise it's up for debate

OP, you say she won't be using the paddles much anyways, so why bother with DSG? dsg only make sense, imo, if you (a) care about every last second of your time on a track.. (b) have lots of commuting in crappy traffic..(c) some sort of health issue forbidding you to use the third pedal

edit: carbon build up is an issue on the older fsi models..supposedly the newer ones don't have this issue..but who knows?

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