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sad that bmw has to go down to Audi's level w/the low blows, but what can you expect? The car of choice for professionals these days are Audis, and they are the bulk of who buy high end automobiles for themselves or their spouses.

Audi, along with Mercedes Benz,have surpassed BMWs in terms of styling. I love my BMW, but i much prefer the styling of an E46 330i ZHP over an E90 335 Mtech or BMW performance. I still like the E9x M3 over the other companies competitive products (S4 and C63AMG). But BMW's lineup looks a bit odd compared to their rivals.

BMW should just resort to not making ads. How many Ferrari ads do you see and the cars sell themselves. Same goes with Porsche. Their new ads are so rare, but so inspiring. The Panamera family tree ad is horrendous, but thats because I don't like the idea of a 4 door family Porsche (even the Cayenne).

It seems as though you make advertisements in order to clear the air on certain topics. For the longest time, general consensus is that BMWs were financial money pits. The new 4 year maintenance free program has cleared the air on that.

I guess the fact that BMWs have become soft mass produced vehicles needs to be cleared up with these advertisements stating that there is "Joy" vs. Ultimate Driving Experience

Who knows. I have enjoyed driving my 335 for the past 1.5 years and look forward to driving it till the wheels come off.

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